Chris Coleman, ERCOT Senior Meteorologist

Updated Wednesday, June 19

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General Discussion: Hot and humid through Friday, with the peak heat today and Thursday. Highs mostly upper-half of the 90s with some locations seeing 100+ degrees (Central, South, and West). Afternoon temperatures will back down a bit over the weekend but the overnight temperatures and morning lows will remain above normal due to the higher humidity levels. We still can’t shake the stormy weather pattern, which is preventing the widespread, extended period of 100-degree heat. No strong high pressure ridge allowing the heat to build.

Today: Hot and humid. About three to four degrees hotter than yesterday for the ERCOT system on average. While it’s quiet now, strong to severe thunderstorms will develop in parts of North and West Texas late-afternoon. These storms will become increasingly organized through the evening hours, and Dallas-Fort Worth is again a threat for more severe weather. Timing for D/FW looks like within a window of time between 7PM and midnight. San Angelo to Waco stands a good chance to see storms in the area. It’s possible the southern extent of the line of thunderstorms makes it down to the Austin metro after 10PM (especially northern sections).

Tomorrow: Lower storm risks; still hot and humid. For the ERCOT system as a whole, likely the hottest day of the week. Most locations will top out between 95 and 100 – but 100 to 105 common in West Texas and parts of South Texas. Dallas is unlikely to see 100. Houston will not see 100. The stretch between Austin and San Antonio will see a high between 98 and 101.

Weather Zone Map