NRWG Meeting

September 22, 2011
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
ERCOT Austin Room 168
7620 Metro Center Dr.
Austin, TX 78744
Dial-In: 512-225-7260
Dial-In Code: 4665



Antitrust Admonition


9:30 AM


ROS Meeting Report NRWG’s stance on CEII has been given to ROS, which will probably involve PRS or another stakeholder group.




NERC Facility Ratings Alert Discussion




Recent FERC Orders and actions:

·  PER-003-1 approval - FERC approved PER-003-1, Operating Personnel Credentials, which will become effective in the first calendar quarter one year after approval (probably January 1, 2013).  This standard requires certain BA, TOP and RC personnel performing reliability-related tasks to be certified through the NERC System Operator Certification Program, and satisfies a directive from Order 693.

·  Order 733-B (PRC-023-1 - In this order, FERC addressed requests for clarification or reconsideration of Order 733-A.  Order 733 approved PRC-023-1 and contained a number of directives for NERC to develop certain modifications to PRC-023-1 and to develop a new standard.  Order 733-A provided clarifications of several directives contained in Order 733.

·   NOPR to approve PRC-023-2 - In this NOPR, FERC proposes to approve all aspects of proposed revised standard PRC-023-2, Transmission Relay Loadability.  FERC also proposes to approve NERC Rules of Procedure Section 1700 Challenges to Determinations (relating to determinations by Planning Coordinators regarding which facilities are subject to this standard).  FERC notes that NERC plans to provide a report addressing related issues in early 2013, and FERC asks that several specific issues be addressed in that report.

·   NOPR to approve CIP Version 4 - In this NOPR, FERC proposes to approve the CIP Version 4 Standards, which primarily provide a revision to CIP-002 relating to the identification and documentation of Critical Cyber Assets associated with Critical Assets.  CIP-002-4 includes new bright line criteria for the identification of Critical Assets, replacing the risk-based assessment methodology required by CIP-002-3.  NERC also proposes minor conforming changes to CIP-003 to 009.  Comments on this proposed rulemaking are due 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.  FERC points out that the CIP Version 4 standards do not satisfy all of the directives from Order 706, and that NERC is expected to continue diligent work to satisfy the remaining directives, including consideration of additional revisions to CIP-002.

·    TPL-002-0, R1.3.10 interpretation approval -  FERC approved NERC’s proposed Interpretation of TPL-002-0, Requirement R1.3.10, relating to whether certain system assessments conducted by PA and TP entities should consider the operation of backup or redundant protection systems.  FERC issued a NOPR in March 2010 proposing to reject this interpretation, but as a result of comments submitted by NERC and industry, FERC has been persuaded to accept the proposed interpretation.  The interpretation states that the assessments should be conducted assuming normal operation of the protection system (Normal Clearing). Also, NERC is instructed to consider whether there is a related system protection issue that merits further consideration.  (Effective 30 days after publication in Federal Register.)































Action Items Assignments and Progress






3:30 PM


Future Meeting Dates - Oct 27, Nov 17, Dec 15, 2011.


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