Texas SET WG Meeting

    May 16, 2017
    09:30 AM
    ERCOT Austin Room 168
    7620 Metro Center Dr.
    Austin, TX 78744
    Teleconference: 877-668-4493
    Meeting number: 622 783 263
    Meeting password: TXSET



    Antitrust Admonition


    9:30 a.m.






    Last Month Meeting Notes – updates if any



    RMS Update


    Change Control 2017-805, Special Characters— RMS voted to waive notice and change the original Change Control to be approved for a future release.


    Change Control 2017-806, MOU/EC TDSP Standardization— RMS voted to waive notice and change the original Change Control to be approved for a future release.


    Impact Analysis for RMGRR145, Appendix for a Mass Customer List (MCL) —RMS voted to approve.



    Flight Update


    Revisit Banking Scripts Language For Payments - IBANK and MBANK Scripts Criteria and Success



    No Change Control Call – Change Controls on the ERCOT Website: http://www.ercot.com/mktrules/issues/txsetcc



    Discussion Items


    CNP Method for grouping SAC segments under the SLN loops within their 810_02 TDSP Invoice transactions - Update from Market Participant Feedback


    Change Control Process Language Update—Add process for determining versions.


    Texas Data Transport and MarkeTrak Systems (TDTMS) Working Group Request—Change to Testing Worksheet (Certification to RMTE)


    SAC04 Spreadsheet, SER001 Market Description alignment with Texas SET Implementation Guide SAC15 Gray Box





    Issues – Issues on the ERCOT Website http://www.ercot.com/mktrules/issues/txset

    • 2017-I148, 810-02, Update the 810_02 cancel invoice examples to contain the same due date as the original invoice examples.

    Texas SET Implementation Guide, ITD Segment states that the due date for a cancel shall be the same as the due date for the original invoice. The examples, #4 & #5, show different dates. This discrepancy causes some confusion.



    RMS Assignments


    RMG Safety NET Timelines—Review and Continue Discussions


    Note: PUCT to Review Final Draft Prior to Texas SET Submitting Changes to RMS


    Review updates made to the RMG—Language, Remove AppendixA1 and A2, and add Section, Competing Orders changes


    Left in Hot Process Discussion—PUCT Rule 25.489, Treatment of Premises With No Retail Electric Provider of Record.



    Parking Lot


    Texas SET Release Discussion


    REP Certification Matrix – Long Term


    Next Meeting ERCOT MET Center—June 20, 2017 RM168


    Scheduled Texas SET WG Meetings