TAC Meeting

    May 25, 2017
    09:30 AM
    ERCOT Austin Room 206
    7620 Metro Center Dr.
    Austin, TX 78744
    Teleconference: 877-668-4493
    Meeting number: 622 547 497
    Meeting password: TAC



    Antitrust Admonition

    A. Brandt

    9:30 a.m.


    Approval of TAC Meeting Minutes (Vote)

    A. Brandt

    9:35 a.m.


    March 23, 2017



    April ERCOT Board Update

    A. Brandt

    9:40 a.m.


    Protocol Revision Subcommittee Report (Vote)

    M. Henson

    9:45 a.m.

    • NPRR562, Subsynchronous Resonance
    • NPRR796, Extended Character Set Clean Up
    • NPRR820, Clarification of Aggregate Generation Resource (AGR) Definition
    • NPRR824, Alignment of EEA Level 3 with NERC Reliability Standards EOP-011-1 and BAL-001-2
    • NPRR827, Disallow PTP Obligation Bid Award where Clearing Price exceeds Bid Price – URGENT
    • NPRR830, Revision of 4-Coincident Peak Methodology – URGENT
    • NPRR831, Inclusion of Private Use Networks in Load Zone Price Calculations – URGENT


    Revision Request Previously Tabled by TAC (Possible Vote)


    10:10 a.m.


    Update on Appeal of NOGRR149, Revision to Definition of Transmission Operator (Tabled until August TAC Meeting)

    T. Anson /

    G. Nunan



    Reliability and Operations Subcommittee Report (Vote)

    A. Bern

    10:30 a.m.


    PGRR056, Alignment with NPRR562, Subsynchronous Resonance


    PGRR057, Responsibilities for Performing Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) Vulnerability Assessments


    PGRR058, Clarification of Resources to be Included in the Planning Models


    RRGRR013, Resource Registration Glossary Revision Request Process


    NOGRR168, Nodal Operating Guide Revision Request Process



    Retail Market Subcommittee Report (Vote)

    K. Scott

    10:50 a.m.


    RMGRR145, Appendix for a Mass Customer List (MCL)


    RMGRR146, Retail Market Guide Revision Request Process


    RMGRR147, Stand-Alone Discretionary Meter Tampering Charges


    RMS Goals



    Commercial Operations Subcommittee Report (Vote)

    M. Trenary

    11:10 a.m.


    COMPGRR046, Commercial Operations Market Guide Revision Request Process


    LPGRR062, Load Profiling Guide Revision Request Process



    Wholesale Market Subcommittee Report (Vote)

    D. Kee

    11:30 a.m.


    VCMRR018, Verifiable Cost Manual Revision Request Process


    SMOGRR021, Settlement Metering Operating Guide Revision Request Process


    WMS Procedures



    ERCOT Reports


    11:50 a.m.


    Far West Texas RPG Project (Possible Vote)

    P. Gnanam


    Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative Load Integration Study

    P. Gnanam


    Lubbock Power and Light Impact Study

    J. Billo


    Series Capacitor Update

    F. Huang


    Southern Cross Project

    D. Woodfin


    DER Reliability White Paper

    B. Blevins


    Virtual Weather Zone Update

    N. McKenna


    Unregistered Distributed Generation Report

    P. Warnken



    Other Business

    A. Brandt

    12:50 p.m.


    Resource Definitions




    A. Brandt

    1:00 p.m.

    Scheduled TAC Meetings