PRS Meeting

    September 13, 2018
    09:30 AM
    ERCOT Austin Room 206
    7620 Metro Center Dr.
    Austin, TX 78744
    Teleconference: 877-668-4493
    Meeting number: 621 748 766
    Meeting password: PRS



    Antitrust Admonition

    M. Henson


    Approval of Minutes (Vote)

    M. Henson


    August 16, 2018



    TAC and Board Reports

    M. Henson


    Project Update and Summary of Project Priority List (PPL) Activity to Date

    T. Anderson


    Review PRS Reports, Impact Analyses, and Prioritization (Vote) (*) denotes no impact

    M. Henson


    NPRR850, Market Suspension and Restart


    NPRR869, Clarification of Language Related to Generation Netting for ERCOT-Polled Settlement Meters*


    NPRR880, Publish Real-Time Market Shift Factors for Private Use Network Settlement Points


    NPRR883, Adjustment to Settlement Equation for Ancillary Services Assignment*


    NPRR888, 4-Coincident Peak Adjustment Methodology*


    NPRR889, RTF-1 Replace Non-Modeled Generator with Settlement Only Generator



    Revision Requests Tabled at PRS (Possible Vote)

    M. Henson


    NPRR823, Amend the Definition of an Affiliate


    NPRR826, Mitigated Offer Caps for RMR Resources


    NPRR838, Updated O&M Cost for RMR Resources


    NPRR849, Clarification of the Range of Voltage Set Points at a Generation Resource’s POI


    NPRR863, Creation of Primary Frequency Response Service Product and Revisions to Responsive Reserve


    NPRR871, Customer or Resource Entity Funded Transmission Projects Review Process


    NPRR872, Modifying the SASM Shadow Price Cap


    NPRR879, SCED Base Point and Performance Evaluation Changes for IRRs that Carry Ancillary Services


    NPRR881, Annual Validation Process Revisions


    NPRR882, Related to PGRR067, Re-powering Procedures


    NPRR884, Adjustments to Pricing and Settlement for Reliability Unit Commitments (RUCs) of On-Line Combined Cycle Generation Resources


    NPRR885, Must-Run Alternative (MRA) Details and Revisions Resulting from PUCT Project No. 46369, Rulemaking Relating to Reliability Must-Run Service


    NPRR886, Agreements Between ERCOT and Other ISOs, RCs, and/or RTOs


    NPRR887, Monthly Posting of Default Uplift Exposure Information



    Review of Revision Request Language (Vote)

    M. Henson


    NPRR891, Removal of NOIE Capacity Reporting Threshold for the Unregistered Distributed Generation Report


    NPRR892, Non-Spin Reserve Energy Floor Clarification


    NPRR893, Clarification of Fuel Index Price and Incorporation of System-Wide Offer Cap and Scarcity Pricing Mechanism Methodology into Protocols


    NPRR894, Correction of Unaccounted For Energy (UFE) Formula


    NPRR895, Inclusion of Photo-Voltaic Generation Resources (PVGRs) in Real-Time Ancillary Service Imbalance Payment or Charge


    NPRR896, Reliability Must-Run and Must-Run Alternative Evaluation Process


    NPRR897, Adjustments to Black Start Service (BSS) Procurement Timeline and Testing



    Resource Definition Task Force (RTF)

    B. Wittmeyer


    Other Business

    M. Henson


    TAC Subcommittee Structural Review


    2019 Meeting Schedule



    M. Henson

    Scheduled PRS Meetings