Texas SET WG Meeting

February 21, 2019
09:30 AM
ERCOT Austin Room 168
7620 Metro Center Dr.
Austin, TX 78744
Teleconference: 877-668-4493
Meeting number: 627 241 045
Meeting password: TXSET





9:30 AM


January 2019 Meeting Notes – updates if any



Flight Update


MOU02 Script update—Review and Approve



FlighTrak Demo



Retail Market Subcommittee (RMS) Update


All Working Group and Task Force Leadership Approved


NPRR908, Revisions to Mass Transition Processes—RMS voted to endorse as submitted


RMGRR159, Related to NPRR908, Revisions to Mass Transition Processes—RMS voted to approve with the Texas SET comments and RMS desktop edits.


RMGRR158, Revisions to Emergency Operating Procedures for Extended Unplanned System Outages—RMS voted to approve.


Draft NPRR, Allow Use of 814_28, Complete Unexecutable Transaction for Drop to POLR Switches during a Mass Transition Event.—Desktop edits were made; RMS tabled for one month to allow ERCOT time to provide feedback at Texas SET.


Mass Transition Testing Workshop II will be on March 5, 2019


Summer Preparedness Workshop March 4, 2019



RMS Assignments


SAC04 Codes—Spanish Translation


Texas SET Release Timeline Update



Change Control Call--No Call This Month


Change Controls on the ERCOT Website. http://www.ercot.com/mktrules/issues/txsetcc



Issues—No new Issues


Issues on the ERCOT Website http://www.ercot.com/mktrules/issues/txset



Discussion Items


Draft NPRR Section 15, Customer Registration-- Mass Transition Process changes to allow TDSPs to send 814_28s for Drop to POLR transactions—ERCOT Feedback


RMG Safety NET Timelines—Review Changes from 2017


Construction Hold—ONCOR draft Change Control review


Bank Change Only Scripts—TDSP Feedback


Future Flight Schedules review


Proposed Texas SET Release Changes.— Continue Discussion and Review 650 RCxxx and DCxxx Purpose Code Matrix



Parking Lot


REP Certification Matrix – Long Term


MISP Workshop Action Items


Add a MISP definition in RMG (RMGRR)—On hold


Scheduled Texas SET WG Meetings