RTCTF Meeting

July 12, 2019
09:30 AM
ERCOT Taylor, TCC1 Rooms 252/253
800 Airport Drive
Taylor, TX 76574
Teleconference: 877-668-4493
Meeting number: 626 623 279
Meeting password: RTCTF


 Due to security requirements at ERCOT Taylor, please RSVP by 12NOON on 7/10/19 if you plan to attend.



Antitrust Admonition

M. Mereness

 9:30 a.m.


General Update

M. Mereness 

  • Discussion of June 27 PUCT Open Meeting


Educational Presentation on option of Willing Buyer, Willing Seller in Day-Ahead Market

S. Reedy  


Review of Key Principles


KP1.3 – Offering and Awarding AS

  • Subsection 1-3 Initial review of Constraint Formulation

KP1.4 – Systems that Input into the Real-Time Optimization

  • Subsection 1 Review complete and consensus to go to TAC at June 21 meeting
  • Subsection 2 Initial review of RLC Telemetry Changes

KP1.5 – Process for Deploying Ancillary Services

  • Subsections 1-6 Consensus at June 21 meeting to take to TAC after four reviews with Siddiqi alternatives on 3 & 6

KP1.6 – Ancillary Service Imbalance Settlement with RTC

  • Subsections 1-4 No further discussion of issues, but GSEC requested additional meeting review for July 12

KP3 – Reliability Unit Commitment

  • Subsections 1-9 Planned discussion for third review with Siddiqi alternatives on 2 & 6
  • Subsections 10, 11, 12 Initial review of Settlement

KP4 – The Supplemental Ancillary Service Market Process

  • Consensus and ready for TAC


Discussion on New Topics

   KP1.5 – Process for Deploying Ancillary Services    
  • Impact of AS Demand Curves
  • Load Frequency Control (LFC) - Process for deploying RRS
  • Removal of the existing process for QSEs to update telemetered AS schedules following manual deployment (specifically for Generation Resource and CLRs)
  • Elimination of Non-Spin Offer Floor
  • Continued ability of the Real-Time Co-optimization to be executed off-cycle (like SCED), between regularly scheduled 5-minute executions
  • RTC failure process


Discussion on Next Meeting’s Items and Agenda

M. Mereness



M. Mereness

 4:00 p.m.


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