Title: Alignment with NPRR699, Energy Offer Curve Caps for Make-Whole Calculations for Resource Type Other
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    Status: Approved on 08/27/2015
    Effective Date: 02/10/2016


    Date Gov Body Action Taken Next Steps
    08/27/2015 TAC Approved
    07/30/2015 TAC Deferred/Tabled Revision Request Consideration
    06/03/2015 WMS Recommended for Approval Revision Request Consideration

    Voting Record

    Date Gov Body Motion Result
    08/27/2015 TAC To approve VCMRR007 as recommended by WMS in the 6/3/15 WMS Report. Passed
    07/30/2015 TAC To table VCMRR007. Passed
    06/03/2015 WMS To recommend approval of VCMRR007 as submitted. Passed

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    Status: Approved
    Date Posted: 04/29/2015
    Sponsor: RCWG
    Urgent: No
    Sections: Appendix 10
    Description: NPRR699 revises paragraph (1)(l) in Protocol Section, Energy Offer Curve Validation, to specify the cap for Make-Whole Payments for all Resources categorized as Other. This Verifiable Cost Manual Revision Request (VCMRR) removes from the manual references to the cap for Energy Storage Resources as this would be inconsistent with the provision added to Protocols by NPRR699.
    Reason: Addresses current operational issues.

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