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Date Title
12/01/2014 Updated 10-year outlook includes new generation, changes to wind generation expectations
11/13/2014 ERCOT Energy Saver mobile app offers access to real-time grid information
10/31/2014 ERCOT expects sufficient electricity for upcoming winter, spring
10/10/2014 ERCOT thanks Valley-area residents, explains continuing reliability challenges
10/08/2014 ERCOT discontinues rotating outages in Rio Grande Valley
10/08/2014 Rotating outages in Rio Grande Valley
09/02/2014 New ERCOT report provides details on available resources for fall and winter
08/13/2014 As programs mature, ERCOT evaluates impact of demand-response services
05/16/2014 Statewide renewable energy production up by 12 percent in 2013
05/01/2014 Several new power plants expected to begin operating by late summer
04/29/2014 ERCOT statement on Energy Future Holdings' bankruptcy filing
04/08/2014 New transmission project to deliver more power to Houston area
03/28/2014 Wind generation output in ERCOT tops 10,000 MW, breaks record
03/05/2014 ERCOT expects tight reserves at start of summer
03/04/2014 ERCOT thanks consumers for conserving, breaks March demand record set in 2002
03/03/2014 Conservation Alert extended through Tuesday morning
03/02/2014 Media Advisory for ERCOT Region: Consumers asked to conserve electricity Monday morning
02/28/2014 New report shows peak demand for electricity growing more slowly than in previous years
02/18/2014 New load forecast methodology moves forward
02/07/2014 Cold weather, risk of rotating outages return to the Valley tonight
02/07/2014 UPDATE: Conservation Alert canceled throughout ERCOT region
02/06/2014 Risk of rotating outages increases in Valley
02/06/2014 Consumers asked to conserve electricity due to extreme cold, limited generation
02/06/2014 Media Advisory for the Rio Grande Valley area
01/22/2014 More than $3.6 billion in transmission improvements on tap to improve power grid by 2018
01/18/2014 ERCOT system responds to sudden power plant outage
01/17/2014 Electric consumption increases 2.1 percent in 2013
01/07/2014 Demand for power in ERCOT region hits new winter peak
01/06/2014 Energy Emergency Alert canceled -- conservation alert remains in effect
01/06/2014 Energy Emergency Alert in Progress -- system conditions improving