2012 News Releases

Date Title
12/20/2012 ERCOT board extends demand response pilot, approves price floor for generators
12/10/2012 Future electric outlook shows improvement
12/06/2012 Sen. Troy Fraser to address ERCOT members
11/20/2012 Winter power plant assessment under way, CREZ development on track for 2013 completion
11/16/2012 ERCOT sets new wind power record
11/01/2012 ERCOT's winter forecast includes enough generation resources for expected conditions
09/25/2012 ERCOT Board of Directors reviews summer 2012, supports grid improvements
09/18/2012 ERCOT offers opportunity to peek behind the curtain
09/04/2012 ERCOT anticipates sufficient generation resources for upcoming fall and winter
08/28/2012 ERCOT recognized as Top Community Partner to Taylor schools
08/21/2012 ERCOT CEO responds to today's U.S. Court of Appeals decision overturning the Cross-State Air Pollution RUle
08/16/2012 "Fanfare" and "Dizzy" encourage cool approach to energy conservation
08/10/2012 ERCOT Energy Saver app places conservation awareness at consumers' fingertips
08/01/2012 ERCOT grid ends month with new July peak
07/27/2012 Statement from ERCOT CEO Trip Doggett regarding today's PUC resource adequacy workshop
07/23/2012 Resource adequacy, summer demand remain priorities for ERCOT Board of Directors
07/11/2012 ERCOT launches wholesale pricing forecast tool
06/27/2012 ERCOT peak demand surpasses new June record
06/26/2012 ERCOT board approves pilot for new demand response option, budget for 2013
06/25/2012 ERCOT grid experiences record June electric use
06/22/2012 ERCOT prepares for first summer heat wave of 2012
06/13/2012 ERCOT unveils mobile phone app
06/01/2012 PUC and ERCOT responses to The Brattle Group report
05/22/2012 New report reinforces future electric resource adequacy concerns
05/15/2012 Texas posts 13 percent increase in energy from renewable sources
05/01/2012 Generation reserves remain tight for summer; ERCOT expects calls for energy conservation
04/18/2012 ERCOT Board moves to improve future generation outlook
03/08/2012 ERCOT sets new wind record two consecutive days
03/02/2012 ERCOT selects Brattle Group for resource adequacy study
03/01/2012 ERCOT expects tight reserves for summer
02/23/2012 ERCOT NEWS: February Board Meeting Highlights
01/18/2012 ERCOT NEWS: January Board Meeting Highlights
01/17/2012 ERCOT Board elects Craven Crowell as chair
01/16/2012 Nearly $8.7 billion in transmission projects planned in next five years
01/09/2012 ERCOT electricity usage up 5 percent in 2011