2016 News Releases

Date Title
12/19/2016 ERCOT sets new winter peak demand record
12/15/2016 Revised economic outlook drives up ERCOT demand forecast
11/28/2016 Wind generation output tops 15,000 MW in ERCOT region
11/01/2016 ERCOT expects enough electricity for upcoming winter and spring
10/17/2016 ERCOT releases results of Reliability Must-Run studies under new rules
10/10/2016 Energy conservation still needed in Lower Rio Grande Valley
10/07/2016 Energy conservation still needed in Valley through Friday afternoon
10/06/2016 ERCOT asks Valley-area residents to continue limiting electricity use
10/05/2016 Valley area consumers asked to continue conservation through today’s peak
10/03/2016 Valley-area consumers asked to limit peak hour electricity use through Tuesday
09/19/2016 About ERCOT's decision regarding Must-Run Alternative proposals
09/01/2016 ERCOT expects adequate generation for upcoming fall and winter
08/23/2016 Customizable mapping tool provides improved situation awareness for grid operators
08/11/2016 ERCOT Breaks Peak Record Again, Tops 71,000 MW for First Time
08/10/2016 ERCOT surpasses 70,500 MW, breaks hourly peak demand records set earlier this week
08/08/2016 ERCOT system exceeds 70,000 MW in hourly peak demand for first time  
08/05/2016 ERCOT EDP Reach Presents First-Ever College Scholarship
07/13/2016 ERCOT seeks alternatives to Reliability Must-Run agreement
06/03/2016 About the Reliability-Must-Run Agreement for Greens Bayou Unit 5
05/03/2016 ERCOT analysis anticipates sufficient electricity reserves for summer, upcoming fall
03/01/2016 ERCOT analysis indicates sufficient generation expected to meet spring, summer demand
02/09/2016 ERCOT issues 2015 State of the Grid Report
01/15/2016 Energy use in ERCOT region grows 2.2 percent in 2015