Public Notices

    This section contains public market notifications required by protocols as well as other market messages ERCOT may post for market transparency. Notices are categorized by types and can be filtered by selecting the desired category. ERCOT began archiving public notices November 3, 2011.

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    Date Message Type Status
    Apr 05 2017 13:18:53 CST Notification of Market Price Correction: Market price correction for SCED. Market price correction for SCED. ERCOT has identified a need for price correction for Real-Time Market Settlement Interval 00:15 on OD 04/05/2017 due to software error. Only one EPS meter was impacted. There was no impact to Real-Time Settlement Point Prices. Corrections to the EPS meter price will be finished by 16:00 of 04/07/2017. Since ERCOT does not post price corrections for RTRMPRs, this price correction will be reflected on the settlement statement of the QSE who was impacted. Alert Active