Congestion Revenue Rights


    Congestion Revenue Rights, an eight-hour one-day course, introduces the attendee to terminology used in the auctioning and scheduling of congestion revenue rights (CRRs) in the ERCOT markets. 

    This course includes:

    • A review of constraint competitiveness tests for the annual and monthly auctions.
    • A review of the allocation process, purpose and application of  pre-assigned congestion revenue rights (PCRRs). 
    • Description of the ERCOT CRR auction processes and the relevant posting of information on the market information system (MIS).
    • Examples of CRR usage from acquisition to settlements covering a broad set of scenarios. These scenarios focus on the most common tasks performed by market participants (MPs) in determining value, purchasing in an auction, scheduling in the market, and settlements of CRRs when congestion is present and when it is not


    This course is designed to provide key operations information for all MPs, including personnel from cooperatives and municipalities.  The course is intended for all MPs' personnel who plan to participate in the day-ahead market (DAM), and for qualified scheduling entities (QSEs) with load serving entities (LSEs), including traders, real-time dispatchers, controllers, operations engineers, EMS-AGC engineers, engineering technicians, IT support staff, and others.


    Course Schedule

    Start Date Duration Location Delivery
    Thu, Jan 31, 2019 1 day Pattern Energy
    1201 Louisiana #320
    Houston, TX 77003
    Instructor Led Sign up

    Class time is as follows:

    8 a.m. -- 5 p.m.

    Prerequisites: ERCOT Nodal 101

    Note: Attendees are required to take the above prerequisite course. The Congestion Revenue Rights (CRRs) course will be taught assuming that the student possesses a thorough understanding of the information covered in the prerequisite courses listed above prior to attending.

    Please check back frequently for updated course schedule.


    Download Texas Nodal Program training class materials and presentations in PDF format. As new classes are offered, key materials will be posted here.

    Course materials for instructor-led courses will be provided in hard copy on the day of the class.