Market Information System (MIS) - WBT


    ERCOT has developed a web-based training module to introduce the Market Information System (MIS) to new users and provide reference material for users. This training module is recommended for all Market Participants.  The ERCOT Market Information System (MIS) is a web-based user interface for delivering Market data to Market Participants. It was established by the ERCOT Nodal Protocols as the single-source for all ERCOT-published Market information related to system operations, market operations, and financial settlement. The MIS also serves as the gateway through which Market Participants access the applications used in their interactions with ERCOT during the operation of the nodal market, such as submitting market transactions and service requests, subscribing to data extracts and submitting settlement disputes.  


    This course is intended for all Market Participants.


    Course Schedule

    Start Date Duration Location Delivery
    24 x 7, online Online Web Launch


    Continuing Education

    If this course meets the criteria for the NERC Continuing Education Program, an application will be submitted at the appropriate time. Please check back for updates regarding course continuing education certification.


    As this is web based training, there are no key documents.