EPS Meter Inspector


    The EPS Meter Inspector course covers the following areas:

    • Market responsibilities of EPS meter inspectors
    • Documentation requirements for site certification
    • Overview of EPS metering facilities related topics and documents
    • Protocol requirements
    • Settlement Metering Operating Guide requirements
    • Technical requirements


    The EPS Meter Inspector course is intended for the following audience: 

    • Meter inspectors currently responsible for the maintenance and certification of EPS metering facilities who want to take a refresher course
    • Meter inspectors that a TDSP intends to have involved in the testing and certification of EPS metering facilities


    Course Schedule

    Start Date Duration Location Delivery
    Wed, May 02, 2018 1 ERCOT Taylor
    Bldg TCC1, Rm # 253
    2705 West Lake Dr
    Taylor, TX 76574
    Instructor Led

    Register for this course by completing the ERCOT Training Registration Form for TDSP EPS Meter Inspectors (find the form in Materials tab). Return this completed form to epsmetering@ercot.com.

    Registration open 2/16/18 through 4/11/18. Instructor training will be held at ERCOT Taylor, TCC1 Room 253.