ERCOT's mission is to maintain the reliability of the electric grid of Texas and help Market Participants fulfill customers' electric service needs by maintaining a balance between load and generation. ERCOT administers various programs to assist Market Participants meet balanced-schedule requirements and Texas legislative goals for developing alternative energy sources.

The following programs are designed to support the ERCOT market in meeting its current and future electricity needs:

  • Market Participants and end-use customers may participate in opportunities to provide Demand Response in the ERCOT market.
  • Competitive Retailers may participate in and gain information from the Load Research Sampling (LRS) program, which develops statistically reliable load profiles for the ERCOT market. 
  • QSEs may register with ERCOT's program to provide referrals for QSE Services Available on Short Notice. QSEs specify whether they are qualified to represent load, generation resources and/or LaaRs, and what ancillary services they are qualified to provide.
  • The Renewable Energy Credit (REC) trading program administered by ERCOT, helps promote new renewable energy capacity to be built in Texas. Facilities powered by solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, wave/tidal, biomass and biomass-based waste products may be eligible to earn RECs.