ERCOT Operator Certification Exam

    The ERCOT System Operator Certification is intended to verify that an individual has knowledge of fundamental topics in electrical power and ERCOT power system operations. It does not confer any authority to any individual to operate any equipment or systems in associated with the ERCOT (Bulk Electric System, grid). 

    The certification is achieved through self-study of the ERCOT Fundamentals Training Manual (available for download through the "Materials" tab), followed by successful completion of a written examination over the subject matter contained in the Manual. 

    There are no prerequisites for this certification.

    ERCOT does not require anyone other than certain ERCOT employees to hold this certification, but it may be a requirement of an individual’s employer.

    There are no periodic renewal requirements for this certification.

    There are no fees associated with administration of the exam or issuance of the certification.

    The exam is currently offered every Thursday, except holidays, at ERCOT's Taylor facilities:

    Thurs, November 2 ERCOT Taylor
    Thurs, November 9 ERCOT Taylor
    Thurs, November 16 ERCOT Taylor
    Thurs, November 23 ERCOT Taylor
    Thurs, November 30 ERCOT Taylor
    Thurs, December 7 ERCOT Taylor
    Thurs, December 14 ERCOT Taylor
    Thurs, December 21 ERCOT Taylor
    Thurs, December 28 ERCOT Taylor

    Requests to take the exam must be submitted by the candidate's manager to

    For study materials, download the ERCOT Fundamentals Manual.