Course Recommendations

    Following are course recommendations for ERCOT Market Training. Some classes are available as Instructor Led Training (ILT), Web Based Training (WBT), or both. For a for detailed description of all available classes, please check out the Course Catalog.

    Basic Market Information
    ERCOT Foundations   |   WBT              
    Nodal 101   |   ILT \ WBT              
    Retail 101   |    ILT \ WBT              
    Intermediate Market Information
    Wholesale Markets 201   |    ILT \ WBT              
    Load Serving Entities 201    |    ILT \ WBT              
    Congestion Revenue Rights   |    ILT \ WBT              
    Advanced Market Information
    Market Settlements 301   |    ILT              
    Resource 301   |    ILT \ WBT              
    Intermittent Renewable Resources   |    ILT \ WBT              
    Credit Management   |    ILT \ WBT              
    User Interface and Focused Topics
    Emergency Operations & Communications   |    WBT              
    Market Information System (MIS)   |    WBT              
    Introduction to ERCOT Data Extracts   |    WBT              
    Market Manager   |    WBT              
    Operating Reserve Demand Curve   |    WBT              
    Outage Scheduler   |    WBT              
    MarkeTrack System Application   |    WBT              
    CRR Market User Interface   |    WBT              
    Resource Indicator Start-Up Shut-Down   |    WBT              
    QSE –  Qualified Scheduling Entity
    QSE-L –  Qualified Scheduling Entity Serving Load
    QSE-R –  Qualified Scheduling Entity Serving Resources
    RE –  Resource Entity
    LSE –  Load Serving Entity
    CRR –  Congestion Revenue Rights Account Holder
    TDSP –  Transmission and/or Distribution Service Provider